Acupuncture & Emotional Clearing


Kerri is ABSOLUTELY AMAZING!! I can’t say enough wonderful things about her! She treated my mom for a pinched nerve in her neck and after her 1st visit she immediately felt better! Kerri is very caring and compassionate as she treated my mom like her own! Her techniques and personal care go above and beyond to her clients! Kerri is truly gifted in her profession and deserves all the accolades she gets! Look no further for treatment if you want THE BEST because she’s truly IS! Thank you Kerri for taking such wonderful care of my mom! I can happily say that my mom feels 100% better thanks to you! You are an Angel sent by God!
Always grateful ~Krystyne, Doylestown, PA
"I have been a client of Kerri's for several months now. I sought treatment for shoulder pain and depression. Kerri's careful and compassionate use of multiple disciplines in her practice make her, in my experience, a true healer. I'm now pain-free and feeling better than I have in years. I would rate Kerri's service as outstanding and have recommended her to many friends and family." ~Larry A., Langhorne, PA
"I started seeing Kerri during an emotionally difficult period of my life. Her sessions were truly the beginning to my personal healing journey. Through acupuncture and her work with the emotion code, we were able to surface trapped emotions that I was not aware were even affecting me. While many of my appointments started with me in tears, I always left happy and smiling! In addition to helping me emotionally, Kerri helped improve my digestion and release my chronic upper back and neck tension. She treats you as a friend and will do whatever she can to help you be well. Kerri is a beautiful soul, and I am blessed to have her in my life!" ~Nikki V., Hatfield, PA
"Kerri is amazing! Through the Emotion Code, NAET allergy treatments, and acupuncture, I feel like a brand-new person…the “me” I always knew I was deep down. I’ve been able to get rid of old emotional baggage, which caused anger and depression, and my outlook on life is now very positive. Kerri helped me over many allergies, including metals (I couldn’t wear earrings), tree & flower pollen, dust, and animals. The acupuncture has helped with joint and muscle pain and is so relaxing!" ~Sharon C., Allentown, PA
With Kerri's healing modalities along with her awesomness, I am finally Free from my self imposing boundaries & limitations
and can handle life situations that come along, which in the past would have crumbled me, and live my life to the fullist. All in a short 9 months!
Thanks Kerri!!!!
D.L. Erwinna PA
"As an asthma sufferer all my life, I was tired of the various medications and inhalers my doctor would prescribe, not to mention the expense. After a few visits to Kerri I was able to stop using them completely. My last breathing test was so strong that my doctor said, 'Whatever it is you’re doing, keep doing it!' Since I work outdoors, the allergy treatments have helped me tolerate trees, pollen, & molds. I highly recommend Kerri!" ~Mike C., Allentown, PA
"About a year ago I had asked a friend if they could recommend an Acupuncturist to help me with my degenerative osteoarthritis of the legs. I suffer from chronic pain and there is no medicine to date to alleviate the pain. Kerri Neubek, L. Ac. came highly recommended, From the first moment we met I felt like I was visiting a close friend. I have found Kerri to be knowledgeable, insightful, caring and compassionate. Her techniques have helped me greatly with the pain in my legs, (not to mention my whole well being), even from the first appointment! I feel like my prayers were answered. If you are looking for a great Acupuncturist, I highly recommended Kerri." ~Carla D., Perkasie, PA
"So happy I set aside my skepticism. I’ve been dealing with chronic (debilitating at times) pain in my trapezius muscle for the better part of 15 [years]. First I tried a massage, then a chiropractor and finally exercises recommended by my doctor at the recommendation of a physical therapist. None of these helped with the pain. When it reached the point that simple everyday tasks like driving with my left arm or mowing my lawn had me wincing in pain I decided to look into other alternatives. I’ve only been seeing Kerri for a few short months and the difference is astounding. Not only has the pain I was feeling when performing everyday tasks completely subsided but I’m actually able to do exercises I haven’t been able to perform in years. Kerri is very passionate about her work and you see that in the care she takes in getting to know you and your issues. If you’re a skeptic like me I DARE you to try it, my only regret is not doing it sooner. Thank you Kerri." ~Brad J., Jamison, PA
"I initially went to Kerri for chronic neck pain and I continue to see her regularly for almost two years. Her treatments helped me to quickly conceive and carry a healthy pregnancy and I believe I have her to thank for barely experiencing any negative symptoms of pregnancy. Not only does Kerri treat physical symptoms, but she genuinely cares about your emotional well-being.” ~Katie L., Holland, PA
"I have been seeing Kerri monthly since 2017 and always look forward to my appointments. Through using acupuncture and emotion code, I have gained relief from my anxiety and mood swings. She has helped me through other issues that have occurred such as neck and sciatica pain by using both acupuncture and gua sha. The relief is unbelievable. Kerri’s treatments are excellent as she is a natural healer with a kind, intuitive soul." ~Trish D., Doylestown, PA
"I’ve gone to Kerri for over 15 years; she has helped me initially with allergies, then with chronic migraines and then chronic back pain when these conditions flare up.  She is the ultimate professional yet kind and caring at the same time. Besides acupuncture, Kerri also does Reiki; the combination together is amazing. I leave each session feeling so much better. I highly recommend Kerri!" ~Emily W., Elkins Park, PA   
"Kerri is a beautiful soul that holds space for deep energetic release. Within just a few sessions with Kerri, I was able to unwind lifetimes of guilt, grief and frustration held in my heart that had me stuck in my soul's purpose. I am now unwinding these patterns which have me moving forward and helping people in ways that I feel most beneficial. I am forever grateful for the work Kerri provides!!!" ~Lynda Bianchini, Shamanic Healer and Soul Guide, Sellersville, PA
"Kerri helped me with physical pain such as wrist pain from a ganglion cyst before and after surgery, and occasional knee and foot pain.  Kerri suggested books I could read to put me in a better frame of mind--I still read them when I need a pick me up." ~Lori H., Trumbauersville, PA
"I first came to see Kerri at the recommendation of a neighbor because I was experiencing migraines, sinus issues, fatigue, and irritability--I just didn’t feel like myself anymore. I had used acupuncture ten years ago to treat migraines and infertility and received excellent results, so I thought I knew what to expect when I scheduled my first appointment.  It turns out that nothing could have prepared me for the miracle of working with Kerri!  Through a combination of treatments using the Emotion Code, Reiki, and Acupuncture, memories began to resurface of a childhood trauma that I had completely repressed for nearly 40 years. With this newfound insight, I now see myself, my relationships, and my choices with stunning clarity. Through working with Kerri I feel like I am gaining what I need to live my life by design, not default. I experience relief of my physical symptoms and continue to be awed by the unresolved emotional wounds that come up to get released. I am truly grateful to have Kerri as a compassionate Healer and knowledgeable Teacher in my life." ~Janet L., Doylestown
"I have been seeing Kerri for years for acupuncture and have made it through some tough times.  Including flus, colds, injuries and menopausal and anxiety issues, to name a few.  Then Kerri brought in the 'emotional code' clearing and brought my treatment to a whole new level of healthy and happy!  I highly recommend this treatment to help release emotions that are old and might be holding you back from living your life to the fullest.  A great mind/body treatment!" ~C
"I look forward to my appointments. I've never been more relaxed and comfortable.   I'm lucky to have been referred. Kerri is the best!"   ~K
"In a safe and calm environment, using acupuncture and emotion code, Kerri guided me through emotional self-discovering which also eased some of my day to day physical pain."   ~L
"Kerri provides excellent treatment.  My asthma has improved with her care.  I have felt lighter after an emotional clearing.  My asthma and allergies have improved. Kerri is an excellent professional, she makes you feel at ease. Her treatments work - my asthma and allergies are better!"  ~D


"I've been seeing Kerri now for almost 3 years. I started to see her for migraines, pain in my legs, anxiety... ALL GONE!!!!! She has helped me both mentally and physically with emotion coding. It is quite an experience for me every time I see her. She keeps me grounded and able to deal with whatever life throws at me. She's the best!!!"
~Brenda R., Perkasie, PA